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Create a global coalition of professionally-managed and family-owned businesses, collaborative ventures, partnerships, and seeded companies. Building from our prominent position as the leaders in India in Bright Bar Steel, we have expanded our focus with significant investments in the Infrastructure sector with the development of large-scale warehousing and cold storage facilities in multiple locations in India. Internationally, we also have investments in, and partnerships with organizations in multiple sectors including Art, Beauty and Lifestyle; Branding, Marketing and PR; Business Incubation and Services; Commodities and Manufacturing; Craft and Design; Digital and Social Media; Financial Services; Green Energy; Hospitality; Mobile Technologies and Applications; Real Estate; Retail and Merchandising; Social Entrepreneurship; Sports; and Steel Manufacturing.


Build and sustain successful businesses based upon Indian entrepreneurship and ingenuity. Each business venture is spearheaded by experienced professionals supported by a team of motivated specialists. In addition to its global investments, Anglian Omega has been assembling a number of joint ventures and partnerships both with Indian businesses as well as foreign multinationals that help achieve common business and socially responsible objectives.


Omega Bright Steel

Omega Bright Steel, established in 1971, is one of India's largest Bright Bar steel manufacturing companies. From inception, Omega has always believed in customised service while maintaining high quality and customer satisfaction. Today, it is one of the leading high-quality Bright Bar manufacturers in India supplying to OEMs in all of the major automotive hubs across the country with two plants in Faridabad, Haryana and and one in Chakan, Maharashtra. A fourth plant is under construction in Mannur, Chennai which will soon be ready for production.

Omega Seiki Mobility

Omega Seiki Mobility represents speed, agility & capable leadership.

Founded in 2016, and backed by years of capability in creating precision engineering solutions, Omega Seiki Mobility has become synonymous with India’s sustainability success. Our experienced engineers and an agile workforce bring data to design, and analytics to automotive - to build the science behind mobility’s solutions. We now aim to be the leader in India’s clean energy ecosystem - electric, solar and renewables.

At OSM, clean energy issues are solved using end-to-end on technologies put together by the best and most capable minds in the world. In mobility - currently our key sector - we offer a unique Li-Ion battery that adapts to temperatures between ~60°C and sub-zero; it runs 100km on a single charge.

Omega Seiki

Omega Seiki focuses on manufacturing cold-forming parts for the automotive & rail industries in India & Abroad. It is set up as well for manufacturing high-precision machining powertrain parts using the latest high-value cutting-edge technologies. It is now expanding its horizon further to EV Mobility.

Anglian Infrastructure

Anglian Infrastructure Development Private Limited ("AIDPL") is the commercial real estate and infrastructure development arm of Anglian Omega. AIDPL is focusing on the city of Vishakhapatnam which is an upcoming growth centre for industrial and warehousing developments in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

AIDPL's vision is to build a national grid of plug and play industrial hubs and state-of-the-art warehousing facilities.

OBSC Perfection

With a view for forward integration into the Auto Components & Precision Industry, Omega Bright Steel Partnered with Perfection Engineers, which is a three decade old manufacturer of Custom Precision turned Components, Stamped Components & Cable end fittings which are mostly used in Automotive Applications. With the partnership, the company wants to bring together the expertise of both these Pioneers for Precision Machined components & Assembly Part Manufacturer for the Automobile sector.

Yashdeep Automotive

Established in 1996 in Faridabad, outside of Delhi, the company is ISO 9002 certified and has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality machine components for engines as well as power-trains. The company also manufactures safety parts for clutch assemblies which it supplies to a leading Japanese clutch manufacturer.

ADM Technologies

ADM Technologies is a packaging services company, providing full solutions to customers
- ADM Technologies is in the forefront of industrial packaging in India
- We have expertise in design, manufacturing and on-site packaging services
- ADM is the only packaging company in India with complete product range of steel, wood, nail less and plastic containers
- We have now added reusable plastic packaging pallets
- This addresses the need for environment friendly, cost effective solutions for the automotive and consumer durables industries

Aditi Power Equipments

Aditi was formed in 2016 to manufacture high quality steel canopies for generator sets in India. It is located in Chakhan Phase III, Pune.

Khel Now

Khel Now is the World’s most exciting Social Platform connecting Sports Fans and Businesses to:
* Build Communities (neighborhood to global) around a shared Passion for Sports
* Share relevant crowd-sourced and curated Content amongst all stakeholders
* Help Marketers and Brands Target specific Fan and Business segments
* And much more

Agnificent Platform Technologies

Agnificent Platform Technologies is a new-age hybrid technology solutions company which also incubates its own intellectual property, platforms, applications and products for the continuously-evolving digital universe. With hubs in Singapore, Delhi and San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley, it leverages and harnesses its global network of professionals and partners to build multi-cultural and multi-locational technology-enabled solutions by sourcing and collaborating with the best talent worldwide. Agnificent also co-invests and co-creates projects and products it identifies as having strategic value and dovetailing with its own vision.

Anglian Futures Advisory

Anglian Futures Advisory ("AFA") provides business services to start-ups as well as international companies and investors seeking a presence in India. AFA helps incubate and mentor businesses through their accounting, legal and technical expertise as well as provide corporate advisory services. In a very short span of time, the company has identified and successfully mentored cutting-edge businesses in various sectors including e-commerce, mobile app development and manufacturing technology amongst others.

Anglian Management Group

Anglian Management Group ("AMG") is India’s premier sports advisory and management company. AMG provides comprehensive and quality advisory services to top Indian and international sports professionals, teams and sport-related businesses as well as to corporations who wish to support and participate in Indian sports. In addition to helping individuals as well as clubs unlock their marketing potential, AMG works with global and local brands to create unique sporting solutions and properties across India.

Shillong Lajong FC

Shillong Lajong FC is a top division Indian I-league club established in 1982 with the prime objective of improving the standard of football in the state, and to spot, train and nurture local talent. Headquartered in Shillong, Lajong FC has access to the largest youth population in the North-East of India as well as a lot of football talent right from a young age. Lajong is under professional management with an established fan base across North-East India; one which is rapidly expanding across the country and sub-continent.

Anglian Medal-Hunt Company

Anglian Medal-Hunt Company ("AMHC") supports and nurtures young Indian talent in their quest for medals and successes at various sporting events including Olympic, Asian and Commonwealth Games. AMHC chooses its prospective medal winners through stringent criteria, and facilitates their training, procurement of equipment and international exposure. The athletes are groomed through a selective network of coaches, mentors, physiotherapists and mental conditioners. The young sportspeople are also helped financially by AMHC’s corporate alliances or marketing tie-ups that help build brand connect for its most prominent athletes.

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David Bailey

The founders of Anglian Omega Network have a substantial investment in contemporary art including one of the largest collections of works by iconic British photographer and artist, David Bailey CBE. Born in 1938 in Leytonstone, David Bailey rose to fame in the early 60s. Since then he has photographed stars from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to Damien Hirst, and continues to photograph for titles including Vogue, Vanity Fair and i-D Magazine. His style has become iconic: “I've always tried to do pictures that don't date. I always go for simplicity.”

Over the years, Anglian has built a special relationship with Mr. Bailey. In 2009, we supported his trip to India to shoot for his book on Delhi titled “Delhi Dilemma”. This was the first in a series of many planned books on India, all supported by the Anglian Omega Group. Delhi Dilemma was released in 2012 to a world-wide acclaim. The second book on India was 'Naga Hills' - released in 2017, focusing on Nagaland, a strife torn and remote state in the North East of India. The photographs from the book were part of the mammoth retrospective of David Bailey's work at the Royal Portrait Gallery in London, 2014. We are currently working on the final book in the India series funded by the Anglian Omega Group.

Either Or

Either Or is a story of bringing people together. People who work with their hands, heart and imagination. We celebrate the middle but still do not deny the extreme. We believe that it is possible to celebrate all choices. Everything in nature finds a niche - our hope is to find the right balance.

A group of young people (some in age and some in spirit) exploring crafts, skills and ideas, decided to create a space to share products which emerged out of their experiences. Either Or was born as a collection of contemporary clothing, furnishings, toys, socially sensitive literature, and much more, all tinged with a desire to nourish and inspire local and personal creativity. With a story behind every product that is on showcase, one can truly say we are a story, not a store! We bring to you the story of our Navarasa, nine indelible qualities wrapped in the new Indian sensibility.


Mrs. Asha Narang


Asha Narang has been the driving force behind the growth and expansion of the company. She has been actively involved in the business since 1972 and is one of the first women entrepreneurs in India's male-dominated steel industry. More than 40 years of experience in the industry has given her an incisive understanding of the operations of the company as well as great insight into the larger trends of the industry. She took over the reins of the company while her late husband and founder Satya Pal Narang was ailing. Asha Narang is a firm believer in collaborative leadership

Dr. Deb Mukherji, PhD

Managing Director

After receiving his PhD in Economics where he presented a detailed evaluation of the global competitiveness of the Indian auto-component industry, Dr. Mukherji has gone on to have a stellar and rewarding career in the automotive and related industries. He has worked with leading Indian as well as global companies such as Suzuki and Honda and has set-up greenfield plants across India, Mexico and Thailand. As a result of his experience and expertise, numerous foreign companies have developed and grown their India strategy under his guidance.

Sudipta Roy

Group Chief Financial Officer

Sudipta has 30 years of experience in Finance and Accounts, Administration, Projects and ERP Systems implementations and all Corporate Support functions at progressively senior levels. He executed strategic market entry plans of two premier global companies, Tetra Pak and KPMG and helped set up and establish their India operations during 15 of the 30 working years. Sudipta’s rich working experience includes Senior Director Finance & Operations, Cognilytics Software & Consulting P L, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Career Launcher Ltd, Senior General Manager, Mawana Sugars Ltd [Siddharth Shriram Group] amongst others.

V. S. Madhok

Head - Special Projects

V.S. Madhok is a senior professional with almost 5 decades of management experience in various industries including FMCG, pharmaceutical, household products and the automobile sector. He has had management roles in a variety of companies that focused on expanding business development, increasing operational efficiencies, streamlining distribution and logistics, as well as liaising with senior government officials at the center and state levels.




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