The Anglian Omega Network is a global coalition of professionally-managed and family-owned businesses, collaborative ventures, partnerships, and seeded companies. The Network has investments in, and partnerships with, organizations in multiple sectors including Art; Beauty and Lifestyle; Branding, Marketing and PR; Business Incubation and Services; Commodities and Manufacturing; Craft and Design; Digital and Social Media; Financial Services; Green Energy; Hospitality; Mobile Technologies and Applications; Real Estate; Retail and Merchandising; Social Entrepreneurship; Sports; and Steel Manufacturing.

Anglian Omega's vision is to create and sustain successful businesses based upon Indian entrepreneurship and ingenuity. Each business venture is spearheaded by experienced professionals supported by a team of motivated specialists. In addition to its global investments, Anglian Omega has been building a number of joint ventures and partnerships both with Indian businesses as well as foreign multinationals that help achieve common business and socially responsible objectives.

The Anglian Omega Network is global with hubs in Dubai, New Delhi, and Singapore.